Skateboard summer camps 2019

(July and August 2019)

Summer 2019 skateboard summer camps

Minimum age required: 8 years old.  No exception

From Monday to Friday:  9h30 - 11h30

Camps are open to kids, teens and young adults of all levels provided they are in good physical condition.
Students count is split between several small groups of 5 at most and of similar level and age.

Meeting place and location of classes: by default: in front of the "buvette" du skatepark de Plainpalais.
In case of bad weather, we will take the kids to a nearby school covered playground for flat training (skate practice without ramps)

If it gets too hot and based on the team's desires, we might organise some classes at Wilson skatepark and even street sessions.

We will close the week on Friday with a lunch / barbecue (we provide the meat and drinks, you are welcome to bring fruits, cut veggies etc..). Students, parents and friends invited.  

Drinks and snacks:

Plainpalais: free sirop during breaks.  Snacks can be purchased at a reasonable price on site.
Outings: please plan to take with you water and snacks.

Helmets and protections:

Helmets are absolutely MANDATORY.  The student will not be able to participate to any given class without a helmet.  Course will not be reimbursed.
We strongly recommend the use of protections for knees, elbows and wrists.
They are available in major sport shops and at our partners': 242 shop and Tranzport

We have a few skateboards to lend (please reserve yours upon registration). The student will have to return the board in good condition on Friday.

Don't forget sunscreen every morning!

Camp dates: students are free to register to either one of several weeks from the list below:

week #1:  01.07 - 05.07

week #2:  08.07 - 12.07

week #3: 12.08 - 16.08

week #4: 19.08 - 23.08

Helmets and protections:
We try our very best to manage risk but do keep in mind that skateboarding is an extreme sport practiced on concrete!!!
You must always anticipate the possibility that injuries may occur (scratches, broozes, sprains etc).
Make sure your insurance covers accidents related to skateboard and ambulance.
Important: we will not be able to accept registrations for kids without ambulance coverage

To enroll, GVASK8 membership (summer or yearly) is mandatory and will not be reimbursed.

Frs. 10.- (summer) ou Frs. 40.- (yearly) per family

Each member will receive a membership card which will allow you to get special rates at our partners' (242 shop and Tranzport)

By becoming a yearly member, you will contribute to help the association and will be invited to attend all events that we may organise during school year (outings, competitions).  You will also have priority access to classes in automn.

Frs. 120.- per week
Membership: choice between Frs. 10.- for 3 months or Frs. 40.- one year

We do not want money or lack thereof to prevent passionate and dedicated kids from attending our classes.  In case you are facing financial difficulties, please contact us by email to discuss of an arrangement.


Association GVASK8
C/O C. Cordt-Moller
34 rue de Saint Jean, CH-1203

Account: 12-1-2 - Banque Cantonale de Geneve

IBAN: CH41 0078 8000 0501 5801 0 (if possible, please pay using our IBAN to avoid BVR banking charges)

If your last name is different than your skater kid's, please write his name on the payment.

- Admin is handled on a voluntary basis.  Registrations and enquiries are dealt with on week-ends so please do not worry if we take a few days to reply or confirm.
- A missed class will not be replaced or reimbursed except under special circumstances.  If GVASK8 cancels a class it will be reimbursed or replaced.

- If a registered student wants to quit, we will reimburse missed classes but we will not reimburse the membership fee


Questions: Jordan, 079 627 17 40


We will have a few skateboard to lend for initiations and trials

Please make sure your insurance covers risks related to skateboard practice

To read and acknowledge / IMPORTANT

I hereby declare that myself and/or the child under my responsibilty:

We refrain as much as possible from using images of the kids enrolled in our classes (except photo gallery with access limited to members) but it may occur that press for ex. comes film our activities and that kids are recognizable

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